Saturday, March 8, 2014

Number 27: This beautiful art took less than five minutes

Indian culture fascinates me.  I want to participate in Holi, have a closet full of saris, shake it like a Bollywood star, and learn everything I can about the wild and wonderful world of Hindu gods. My comfort food is curry and papadum.  I am an aspirational Desi girl.

So of course, getting a henna design was a non-negotiable part of The List.

At the Soaring for Social Justice kite festival this weekend, my church had fortuitously set up our booth right beside a henna station!  The gorgeous and talented ladies of the Huntsville Islamic Center painted this amazing design on my hand in less than five minutes.  About an hour later, the dark brown ink sloughed off and what's left is a light brown stain that should be good for up to a week.

Next time?  I want henna sleeves!

Have you ever gotten henna or other temporary body art?

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