Monday, March 3, 2014

The Master List

Start date: 3/4/2014
End date: 3/4/2016

1.       Go to a drive-in movie
2.       Do a one day juice/smoothie detox
3.       Host a dinner party
4.       Take a vacation with a friend
5.       Have my own apartment
6.       Create a custom fragrance
7.       Learn to use a sewing machine
8.       Sew a skirt
9.       Watch every movie up for Academy Award Best Picture one year
10.   Attend some kind of medical technologist career event
11.   Join an MT professional organization
12.   Take a dance class
13.   Go on a ghost tour in Hollywood
14.   Save $XXXXX
15.   Contribute to my retirement funds
16.   Do yoga at least once a week (0/52)
17.   Join a book club
18.   Get a spray tan
19.   Don’t complain about anything for one week
20.   Have a mother/daughter photoshoot
21.   Take a self-defense class
22.   Grow fresh herbs
23.   Attend a Dita Von Teese performance
24.   Travel somewhere by train
25.   Go to the opera
26.   Cook something with truffle oil
27.   Get mehndi/henna
28.   Go geocaching
29.   Finish reading all the books I’ve started
30.   Speak in public
31.   Learn five friends’ phone numbers by heart (0/5)
32.   Have a photoshoot at the Alabama Theatre
33.   Volunteer at the Humane Society at least once a month
34.   Watch Giant
35.   See a show at the Princess Theatre in Decatur
36.   Attend a writing workshop
37.   Have my fortune told
38.   Take a martial arts class
39.   Visit a Buddhist or Hindu temple
40.   Watch a meteor shower
41.   Make a dessert with edible gold
42.   Stay at the Stanley Hotel
43.   Perfect a raw cheesecake
44.   Walk a labyrinth
45.   Go horseback riding
46.   Attend the I Can Do It! Conference in Austin
47.   Have an overnight camping adventure
48.   Write a thank you note to a former teacher
49.   Go kayaking
50.   Find a mentor
51.   Be a mentor
52.   Try ziplining
53.   Get a facial
54.   See the Dismalites at Dismals Canyon
55.   Participate in a “wild encounter” at a zoo
56.   Visit Tigers of Tomorrow
57.   Attend a kite festival
58.   Have an Internet-free weekend
59.   Cook tempeh
60.   Clean out the spare bedroom
61.   Get an orchid and keep it alive!
62.   Send a care package to a female soldier overseas
63.   Make vegan marshmallows
64.   Hike in Colorado, summer 2015
65.   Go to a shooting range
66.   Keep up with tax deductions
67.   Attend a cultural celebration
68.   Try jackfruit or kumquats
69.   Visit the Scott and Zelda museum in Montgomery
70.   Go on a retreat at Unity Village
71.   Watch every Marilyn Monroe movie
72.   Go on a day hike with Southeastern Outings
73.   Attend a satsang
74.   Grind my own spices and cook authentic Indian food
75.   Try zorbing

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